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With fast-charging, or opportunity charging, there is never a range limitation. Continuous operation of your electric buses becomes possible, with just a few minutes of charging at the turn-around of a route.


With 450 kW peak charging power, the Gamma-IP is the perfect match for liquid-cooled LTO batteries.

Based on the proven Ebus GAMMA self-contained fast-charge station, the GAMMA-IP has been re-designed for a top down Inverted Pantograph (IP). The GAMMA-IP is designed to comply with OppCharge and the upcoming SAE J-3105 Overhead Charging Standard.

Because the factory-built GAMMA-IP is self-contained, there is no other building or shed required as with competitive fast-charge stations, making the typical installation simple and inexpensive: On a small concrete pad with J-bolts, set it down with a crane over the bolts, fasten and connect with 480V 3-phase power from below.

What electric buses have been waiting for…

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