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The fastest and cheapest path to this future is to retrofit, or convert, your existing buses to battery-electric.


The 40 Foot CompositEbus is a modern lightweight composite body electric bus of greater strength than a steel body bus, yet 6,000 pounds lighter. This translates to fuel savings of up to 20% from not hauling that extra steel weight every day for the entire bus lifespan. The composite body is also virtually corrosion resistant.

This new electric bus takes aim at an upcoming market segment of electric transit buses that values low weight and the ability to carry very large batteries without the bus becoming overweight.

Environmentally friendly buses like this one with lower weight translates directly into greater fuel efficiency on a one for one basis: 20% lower weight requires 20% less energy for propulsion.

Orders are accepted now for delivery in 2019 - 2020. Please contact Ebus for further information.

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